Adjust kinect cursor speed in kinect SDK 1.8 using interaction library

Nov 28, 2014 at 1:20 PM
I am using Kinect SDK 1.8, i am using default Kinect control. KinectRegion to display hand cursor of Microsoft.Kinect.Toolkit.Controls. But hand cursor is too fast and sensitive. i wanted it to be make it slow down, My Application is running on the 3840X1080 resolution of screen. so that end user of my Kinect app can control that cursor easily on screen. i tried out with the AccelerometerGetCurrentReading() (Line No. 962) and also tried out with the KinectAdaptor.cs (Line No. 299) handPointer.X, Y, Z, but didn't get any success. can some one help on it. I already gone through the Human interface guide and also tried Kinect interaction demo, but it is work with the same speed of hand cursor, as is it working in my app. Is there any work around for this? Or any property to control the speed of hand cursor in PHIZ, or is there any plan to include in future releases.
Thanks in Advance
Pankaj Deharia